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Body Sculpting

  • 6-in-1 Body Sculpting consists of a series of non-invasive treatments that can help clients with: improving blood circulation, supporting lymphatic circulation, refining skin texture, improving skin elasticity, reducing fat, reducing cellulite, reducing scars, and/or increasing metabolism. These treatments include:

    • Ultrasonic Cavitation: uses ultrasonic sound waves to target subcutaneous fat

    • Radio Frequency (RF): stimulates collagen to activate tissue contraction and tighten skin, it improves the appearance of stretchmarks, and brightens skin

    • Laser Lipo: emits low levels of laser energy to tighten skin, smooth cellulite, and trim inches off the waist, hips and other areas of the body

    • Vacuum Therapy: decreases muscle tension, softens skin, and lifts, tones and tightens glutes and breasts

    • Colombian Wood Massage: loosens tight muscles, and helps break down fat and cellulite

  • Electromagnetic Stimulation (MyoSculpt) produces intense muscle contractions that build muscle and sculpt the body while burning fat.

  • Vacuum Therapy and Cupping uses enhanced negative pressure in combination with either stationary cups or vacuum massaging pieces to improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow, activate metabolism, to minimize appearance of cellulite, and induce production of collagen to tone and firm the skin. This treatment includes Non-Invasive Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL).

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